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How to take care of your eye health in the UK summer


A day at the beach is a day well spent in the UK summer. After putting up with months of rain and cold weather, summer is finally here. We know you are all excited about the pool parties and beach holidays with your friends. But, you must always come prepared as spending time in the sun may not be a good idea for your body. We are not only talking about your skin. We want to drive your attention to the many eye-related problems you could be dealing with in the summer if you don’t act carefully.

How do summer and heat waves affect your eyes?
To protect your eyes in the summer, you first need to know what poses a threat to your eyes in the warmer months.

Sunburn is not on your skin but your cornea. Spending time in the harsh sun rays could burn the topmost skin of your cornea. When this happens, you will have to deal with temporary vision symptoms such as blurry vision and eye pain. Make sure you are always wearing sunglasses so your eyes are not directly exposed to the bright sun.

Eye allergies
Yes, you are thinking right. Summer is not the time for allergies or flu. But, summer rains and high temperatures may take a toll on your eyes. Warmer days give the perfect environment for molds and seeds to grow. If you are allergic to them, the reaction could be experienced by your eyes. It can cause eye irritation or itchiness in the eyes.

Dry eyes
Dry eyes are a common problem in warmer months. As the temperature is high and the air is warm, the tears evaporate and you may suffer from inadequate production of tears. This problem gets doubled up when you are wearing a face mask as the warm breath has no choice but to flow upwards and reach the surface of your eyes. Dry eyes could lead to blurry vision and a burning sensation in the eyes. Make sure you take regular eye tests to check that your dry eye problem doesn’t get worse.

Exhausted eyes
We all have a jam-packed schedule in the summer. From work to weekend parties, we spend most of our time staying up and having fun. However, less sleep is no fun to your eyes. When you are not taking proper sleep, your eyes won’t recover completely and may feel tired in the morning. Exposing your eyes to blue light from digital screens at night may make you feel less sleepy. So, when indulging in screentime after dark, make sure you are using blue light blocking glasses. They will reduce the blue light effect on your sleep.

Eye infections
Summer is the time for pool parties with your friends. But, what you may not realize is that pool water is often filtered with chlorine. This could irritate the thin layer of your cornea leading to eye infections. Also, when you are camping outside, your eyes are exposed to more pathogens and foreign particles which could disturb the natural balance of your eyes.

How to take care of your eyes in summer
While you are busy having fun in the sun, do take the following steps so your eyes can have some fun too.

  • Wear sunglasses that give at least 60% protection from UV 400. When buying sunglasses online, read the label to find out what amount of UV protection you’ll be getting from your shades.
  • We all have sweaty palms in the summer. Sweat contains germs and bacteria that must not be transferred to your eyes at all costs. So, wash your hands thoroughly before you touch your eyes. This is even more important when touching your glasses or contact lenses.
  • Use swimming goggles to avoid chlorine-treated water touching your eyes. This will decrease the likelihood of catching an eye infection.
  • Wear hats for an added layer of defense against the sun. Hats provide good coverage to your eyes so they don’t come into direct contact with sunlight.
  • Use artificial tears or dry drops to keep your eyes moisturized and lubricated. Don’t leave your eye dry as the problem could turn severe in no time.
  • Take an adequate amount of sleep so your eyes are ready for the adventures of the next day. You can’t perform your best when your eyes are tired. Drink plenty of water and hydrate your body. Dehydration reduces tear formation in your eyes which leads to dry eyes.

Summer is just are critical to your eye health as winter. Taking some precautions will get you through the warm days without feeling any unusual symptoms in your vision. People who already have light-sensitive eyes or refractive errors must take special care of their eyes during the summer.

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